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Carpet Fresher

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Kids and pets can stink, your carpets shouldn’t have to.

1 (one) 20 oz Container

Laven Goat: Lavender and Vanilla

#BEACH: Coconut

Pina Goatlada: Tropical Pina Colada scent. Pineapple and coconut.

Baking Soda, Dendric Salt, Fragrance

Use Instructions
Sprinkle on carpets. Allow to sit for at least 20 minutes. Vacuum as normal.
Also use in: Trash Cans, Diaper Pails, Vehicles, Pet Bedding, Mattress, Gym Bag, and anywhere else that made need a fresh scent. 

Additional information

Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 7 in

#Beach, Laven Goat, Pina Goatlada

Carpet Fresher Pack

Carpet Fresher Single, Carpet Fresher Two Pack

1 review for Carpet Fresher

  1. Audrey Sharp

    Love the carpet refresher! Smells so clean and fresh! Highly recommend!

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